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Forex Image Sidebar - FXGSCSM Subscriptions
Forex Image Sidebar - FXGSCSM Subscriptions
Forex Image Sidebar - FXGSCSM Subscriptions
Forex Image Sidebar - FXGSCSM Subscriptions
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Premium Edition annual FXGSCSM subscription

The Premium Edition FX Gold Silver Commodity Strength Meter for 1 PC by a low-cost annual subscription, enables you to analyse and trade currency pairs correctly with real-time Metatrader 4 data. It will become an indispensable tool with your daily trading to give you continued and straightforward currency strength versus weakness knowledge and confidence, confirming short trends and their longevity. A must have tool for both beginner and professional Forex traders.

Please note that the FXGSCSM MT4 software is not a chart attachment or EA (Expert Advisor) but Microsoft Windows desktop software.

Click an 'Order Now' button below to subscribe to the premium edition of the FX Gold Silver Commodity Strength Meter Indicator from PayPal for only £15 per day.

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Tell us that you have purchased a FX Gold Silver Commodity Currency Strength Meter subscription, by sending us an email to supportteam @ digitalig.tech or by using our support ticket system at Technical Support Centre including the following details:

  • Purchase date
  • Software name
  • How much you paid and
  • MachineID serial number from the software.

We will then during our business hours get back to you to start your software licence.

Benefits of using the FXGSCSM. The FXGSCSM:

  • Gives you complete accuracy from performing 6960 price calculations for the 28 major currency combinations every minute, or 10,022,400 per day;
  • Gives you accurate trading information based on facts not opinion;
  • Gives you audible trade alerts when currency pairs change from orange to green;
  • Informs you on the the correct direction of the trade;
  • Informs you on the number of daily pips available for each currency pair;
  • Informs you about the top 3 currency pairs for the largest number of pips available;
  • Informs you the currency pairs that can be traded without risk;
  • Informs you currency pairs that should not be traded;
  • Informs you on the total number of available pips daily for all of the 29 pairs;
  • Informs you on the individual currency strength ratings;

You will get consistent and accurate FOREX analysis every minute of every trading day, but before you decide that you are not able to subscribe to FXGSCSM subscriptions, ask yourself one important question "How can I not afford to invest in my future financial success by not subscribing to the software."

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Questions we are always asked by customers when subscribing to the FXGSCSM:

Are you a PayPal Verified vendor?
We do have PayPal verified vendor status because we have passed PayPal's security checks to offer buyers and sellers increased security.

Is the website seller UK VAT registered?
Yes, Datadean Limited is a UK VAT registered company, our VAT number is 216 9924 82

Can I trust your company with my bank/credit card details?
You can 100%, but there's no need to give us your bank or credit card details, as we use PayPal for all our sales transactions, we never see any part of your you credit card information when you buy any of our products and services.
The question you should have asked yourself is " Do I trust PayPal with my credit card information"? and the answer will be yes every time.

Can I use the FXGSCSM on a virtualised platform?
A virtualised platform is a software product like VMware, Parallels, etc. which allows multiple installations for the same application serial number software licence. Yes, the FXGSCSM can be licenced for use on a virtualised platform.

What do I get if I subscribe to FXGSCSM subscriptions?

  • First, you get the full edition FX Gold Silver Commodity Currency Strength Meter software to use during your SaaS subscription period to help you with your Forex trading.
  • Second, you get one-to-one help and advice on how to install and use the software from our support teams.
  • Third, you get lifetime software updates, for all the new features that we develop in-house to make the software even better.
  • Fourth, you get 16 years of Investment Banking trading experience included in the FX Gold Silver Commodity Currency Strength Meter software.

If these four reasons are not enough then you can always make consistent profitable trades on every trading day with the software.

Please note: If your current trading solution can do 6960 price calculations every minute, for the 29 major currency combinations then you do not need to subscribe to this software.

Alternative payments

If you are not able to use PayPal for your purchases and subscriptions, we do accept Bank transfer payments.

International Transfers:

Bank name: National Westminster Bank Plc
International Bank Account Number: GB77 NWBK 6021 3756 4378 97

UK Transfers Only:

Bank name: National Westminster Bank Plc
Bank Address: 2/4 St Nicholas Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2RN
Sort Code: 60-21-37
Account Number: 56437897

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FXGSCSM Subscriptions

FX Gold Silver Commodities Strength Meter

The FXMCSM indicator applications are probably the best and most accurate tools you will ever need to determine when the time is right for making a profitable trade.