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Forex Image Sidebar - Questions and Answers
Forex Image Sidebar - Questions and Answers
Forex Image Sidebar - Questions and Answers
Forex Image Sidebar - Questions and Answers
Forex Image Sidebar - Questions and Answers
Forex Image Sidebar - Questions and Answers
Forex Image Sidebar - Questions and Answers
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Here are the FXMCSM, FXGSCSM and FXTSQuestions and Answers, that our software support team representatives have been asked from previous customers about using the FXMCSM, FXGSCSM and FXTS software.

What chart time-frames can the FXMCSM, FXGSCSM and FXTS applications can be used with?
The only time-frame which can be used with the FXMCSM, FXGSCSM and FXTS applications is the daily one.

Are you a PayPal verified vendor?
We do have PayPal verified vendor status because we have passed PayPal's security checks to offer buyers and sellers increased security.

Can I add the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter Indicator to an MT4 chart?
The FXMCSM FX Multi Currency Strength Meter Indicator is a Microsoft Windows desktop application which is run separately to the MetaTrader application. It is not a Metatrader custom Indicator that you can attach to a chart.

Can I display the information in my support tickets on my website?
No, the data held within the support tickets is confidential and protected by UK law. Therefore, it cannot be shown on any website or through any communication medium without written and signed permission from the Datadean company management.

Can I pay for the FXMCSM using BitCoin?
Presently we only accept regular payments for the FXMCSM software using Paypal or Bank Transfers. Therefore, we are unable to accept payments using BitCoin or a similar method.

Can I run the FXMCSM app on my Mac?
Yes you can run the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter application and Metatrader 4 on an Apple Mac using bootcamp Apple software which is available from or by using Parallels software.

Can I trust your company with my bank/credit card details?
You can 100%, but there's no need to give us your bank or credit card details, as we use PayPal for all our sales transactions, we never see any part of your you credit card information when you buy any of our products and services. The question you should have asked yourself is " Do I trust PayPal with my credit card information"? and the answer will be yes every time.

Can I use my Machine ID serial number for another computer?
Machine ID serial numbers are uniquely based on various PC hardware components; therefore, the answer is no, and expire with the PC. You are welcome to take out another low-cost subscription for another PC though.

Do you offer a discount for purchasing the FXMCSM?
Yes, we do offer discounts for multiple subscription purchases over 100 of the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter software, but not for single subscription purchases.

How do I know if the FXMCSM program is working?
There are a few ways to check that the FXMCSM program is working:

  • The first way is to watch the + graphic left of the main Forex image spin, either by the manual update button or automatically from the menu option "Automatic data update setting".
  • The second way is to watch the currency bars move up and down and change colour.

If I give you my email address will you SPAM me?
No, we only use our customer email addresses for licence registration purposes and to notify them of software updates and changes to our licensing systems and services. Any email address that we receive which is not used for licence registration is removed from our licensing systems to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, reference "Personal data processed for any purpose shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose."

Is the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter a free application?
We would like to offer the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter for free, but developing and supporting users of the software costs money, as we have to pay for the website and technical support. The annual subscription fees are very reasonable compared against the profitability that the software provides. The software is free to download, but it will not work until either the software is subscribed to.

My Windows PC uses UAC, can I use the FXMCSM?
PC user accounts that have User Account Control UAC enabled, can use the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter, but the Brokers MT4 trading software and the FXMCSM software must both be "Run as an Administrator", not as a UAC controlled user account. We recommend that the free MT4 DDE tester is installed and used to verify that the brokers MT4 software are correctly configured for the FXMCSM.

The FXMCSM says I need one instance of MT4 running, why?
I have two brokers MT4 running, but why does the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter insist that I have one instance of MT 4 running? If you have two brokers MT4 programs running, with the DDE quote server enabled in both instances, then the FXMCSM will try to process all the DDE quotes at once giving false and inaccurate strength readings. To correct this error, you need to stop the 2nd MT4 instance and check that only one terminal.exe is running on the PCs process list.

The FXMCSM software has stopped working.
The main reasons why the FXMCSM stops working and freezes are usually down to a lack of hardware resources such as the CPU being maxed out or the PC having a memory shortage or both.
What happens is that the MetaTrader application runs out of resources, either with the no of indicators attached or it's unable to get sufficient resources from the PC. Either way, the MT4 DDE quote server dies stopping all data transfer to the FXMCSM leaving the MetaTrader 4 program barely able to run. We recommend that you do not use your trading PC for other heavy usage applications, and reduce the number of custom indicators attached to your Metatrader charts. During beta testing on a dedicated PC with just Metatrader and FXMCSM running the software ran uninterrupted for three months, until the PC was rebooted.

What are your customer support hours?
The Datadean customer technical support hours are from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. We aim to answer all technical assistance requests within three days.

What computer equipment do I need?
FX Multi Currency Strength Meter Forex software requires any Microsoft Windows PC XP to Windows 8 (FX Multi Currency Strength Meter is not compatible with MAC OS unless you use Bootcamp). You will need a minimum of 200Meg RAM, 30MB free disk space (all pretty standard specifications for an older Windows XP PC’s) and Internet access to receive Metatrader 4 data updates and free FXMCSM program upgrades.

What has happened to my Lifetime Full licence?
Lifetime Full licenses were only valid for one year use, not for the lifetime of a fly, a bird, a person, or a planet as some people think. Lifetime licenses were no longer available in 2015 by a change in our FXMCSM Terms and Conditions of sale. If you have previously purchased a full lifetime licence (1 year) and need access, then we can as a gesture of goodwill offer you a week's full access worth £90 to the FXMCSM software.

What is a functional email address, and why can't I use my SPAM email address for licence registration?
An operational email address is one that sends and receives emails and is regularly monitored. We require functional email addresses for the licence registration so that we can update you with licence server changes that happen quite often, and software updates. A SPAM email address is one that is not monitored regularly, and the emails are deleted without being read. If we are unable to contact you by email to update you, then your SPAM email address will be deleted from our systems in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for obsolete customer data, along with your contact details and software licences, which makes your full edition software installations unusable except in 'Demo' freeware mode. We very easily spot a SPAM email address because they are usually the person's name or initials and a few numbers, such as hsm69432@********.com, or john1978@********.com and due to we never receive any replies or support tickets from them. The reason we have to delete these old SPAM email addresses is because if we do not, we are liable for a £500,000 Data Protection Act penalty fine like all other organisations.

What is the Currency Direction value?
The FX Multi Currency Strength Meter Currency Direction value, shown on the main screen on each symbol is a value between 1 and 8 to indicate when its best to make a trade, or when the currency direction is about to reverse. If the CDV is 1 then that is the most optimal time to place a trade, when it is nearer 8 then that indicates that the currency strength direction arrow is about to reverse.

What firewall ports does the FXMCSM need to be open to work?
The FX Multi Currency Strength Meter needs to communicate using these outgoing ports:

  • 80 to update the software.
  • 23 UDP to communicate with NTP time servers.
  • 3306 TCP to communicate with the licensing servers.

If any of the above TCP and UDP ports are blocked on your firewall/router/ISP then the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter will take longer starting, will be unable to update the software and will not be able to be authenticated.

What timeframes does the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter work with?
The FX Multi Currency Strength Meter displays currency strengths correlations in real time based on the daily chart, with three types of trade signals, green orange and red. The price data between currencies is not artificially adapted and delayed to suit any given time frame, which means that when you look at a currency pair on the FXMCSM, it will show the most accurate currency direction information whether it is up, down or sideways. If you look at a Forex chart with any time frame, you then have to decide how to trade with the FXMCSM direction info. If the currency pair is going in the same direction as the FXMCSM trade signal then you have trade confirmation and a low-risk trade, if not then the chart timeframe is not suitable for trading with.

When will the trade indicator sound be refreshed?
The trade indicator sound will be updated according to the Automatic Data Update setting which can be set from the programs menu option. By default, this is done every 60 seconds, but you have the choice to change this to any setting between 10 and 100 seconds.

Where is the FXMCSM documentation?
We have two sources of FXMCSM documentation, the first being the web-pages, and the second is the Adobe PDF file which is located in the FXMCSM software folder, that contains information on how to use the software, a simple trading strategy and troubleshooting answers.

Why do I see this Error message?
If you see the following message "The FX Multi Currency Strength Meter cannot be installed with the current network configuration. Please correct and retry the installation." then it's because the PC that you are using does not have a correct network card configuration. This quality check is performed to ensure that the FXMCSM is installed to PCs that have a network card installed, enabled and working to authenticate the software installation and communicate correctly to the MT4 DDE server.

Why are you selling the FXMCSM program?
We are constantly being asked by interested customers, why are you selling the FXMCSM? Our answer is that after working commercially for many Investment Banks in London, Frankfurt, Zurich, New-York, South Africa, Singapore, and Hong-Kong for 15 years, we want to help those Forex traders that need a helping hand to take their trading efforts to a higher level of profitability. We know that not all Forex traders have had formal banking training and experience, where they have only learnt to Forex trade by the experience of others similar to themselves on the Internet, sometimes with loads of misinformation. For this reason, we have designed and created the FXMCSM FX Multi Currency Strength Meter, which is based on over 15 years of Institutional trading experience, to give the users real examples on how to trade the right currencies at the right time and in the right trade direction. We could sell the program for £5000 as it it worth that and more, then everyone would say we are only selling it because it doesn't work, or we could give it away for free but then everyone would think that the program is worthless, because of these reasons we believe that a customer who subscribes for the Full Edition per PC is paying a fair price to cover years of work and experience that has gone into the software, and our website expenses to give everyone a real chance.

Why do I not receive any emails from you?
If you find that you are not receiving support ticket email responses from us, it is most probable that your email provider or your SPAM email configuration is blocking them. We respectfully suggest that you first check these before creating another support ticket. Alternatively, if you have replied to our NO REPLY @ email address, then we will not receive your email as it will be deleted to ensure that we receive no Internet SPAM. This email policy ensures that all support requests are kept confidential and secure on our support ticketing systems.

Why does the FXMCSM program need MT4 running?
The FXMCSM program requires the MetaTrader 4 program terminal.exe running with the DDE Server enabled when it starts up and begins communicating with the Metatrader 4 DDE quote server. If the terminal.exe program is not running or has stopped working then, the FXMCSM program will give you an error message and shut down. To fix this, all you need to do is to run the MetaTrader 4 terminal.exe program first.

Why does the software not work on my PC anymore?
These are the top reasons why the FXMCSM software may not work on your PC anymore:

  • Your PC time setting is more than two hours wrong;
  • You have not read any of our software update notices on our website to update the software to the latest version, or allowed the auto-update to work;
  • You have changed your network configuration;
  • You have changed your PC's name;
  • You have an Operating System problem with your PC;
  • You have removed the Microsoft.Net Framework dependency for the FXMCSM ;
  • Your internet connection for the licence authentication check is timing out after 2 minutes;
  • Your ISP has blocked TCP ports 13 and UDP 123 for your PC NTP time updates, and 3306 for our licence database access.
  • You have given us a SPAM email address for your licence software registration, not updated the software and ignored our contact attempts, therefore, to comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 we have to remove regularly all old customer data which also includes licences;

Why does the software take a while to start?
The FX Multi Currency Strength Meter takes can take up to a couple of minutes to start up because it needs first to communicate to the Metatrader 4 DDE server and download the price data for 28 currency pairs, do some calculations and then display the data before you see the main screen. On a fast PC all work this can take about 20 seconds, but on older slower PCs this may take a few minutes. The delay is not with the FXMCSM program but with how Metatrader 4 delivers the DDE server data.

Why does the software tell me that my PCs clock is wrong?
The FX Multi Currency Strength Meter software will display a message if your PC clock is incorrect. The software uses SNTP Internet time synchronisation to ensure that Metatrader and FXMCSM are both accurate during Live trading. All you have to do is to synchronise your PC's clock to one of the NTP internet time servers such as or, and you can use the software again.

Why is the FXMCSM program always being updated?
The FXMCSM is always being improved with new features and code improvements to enhance the user experience and to improve the programs ability to deliver consistently great trading results. The program updates are only done during program startup to ensure that trading is not disrupted.

Why will the FXMCSM not connect to my multiple MT4s that I have running?
The FXMCSM FX Multi Currency Strength Meter is programmed only to receive DDE quote data from one instance of Metatrader 4, to ensure data quality. The program will inform you on startup if it does not find one instance or multiple instances of Metatrader 4 running.

Will the FXMCSM only work with MT4?
The FX Multi Currency Strength Meter uses MT4 DDE quote data to display the currency strengths, directions, trade alerts, available pips and spreads. Metatrader 5 / MT5 does not presently include a DDE Quoter server therefore until one is available in MT5, MT4 is the only version that the FXMCSM can be used with.

Will the FXMCSM work just as accurate running it through a demo account feed through mt4?
We cannot guarantee brokers demo or live price data; therefore, we recommend that a full comparison should be made for each account type before using the FXMCSM, which is designed and coded to display the broker's price data accurately that it is provided with.

Will the FXMCSM work on a VPS?
The FX Multi Currency Strength Meter will work on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) as long as it has open access to the Internet for licence authentication and the Microsoft.NET framework dependency is installed.

FACT: The FXMCSM calculates price data from MT4, 6720 times per minute from the 28 currency pairs, which is the same as saying it does a staggering 9,676,800 currency calculations each day.

If you need proof of just how good the FX Multi Currency Strength Meter and/or the FX Gold Silver Commodities Strength Meter really is, then we suggest that you download the Limited Editions, get them connected to your broker's MetaTrader 4 charts, and take a low-cost annual subscription, by clicking on the 'Buying Options' menu link above.

FX Multi Currency Strength Meter

The FXMCSM indicator applications are probably the best and most accurate tools you will ever need to determine when the time is right for making a profitable trade.

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